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Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Founder & CEO, ILUMA

Founding Governance Member, YC Orange DAO 

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Ricardo is the founder & CEO of ILUMA (the 'Superhuman' for web3), founder of the YC Alumni group, founding Governance Committee member of the YC Orange DAO (1,000+ YC founders building the future of Web3) & founder of the group of the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders ($16B exits by founders & $120B to invest). He is a founding equity partner of Acrew Capital and active angel investor through his family fund, Nilo Ventures 

Previously Ricardo was the founder of VOIQ ($7M raised) backed by YCombinator and other top Silicon Valley investors, building Voice Conversational AI products. 


Ricardo is recognized as a Silicon Valley Top Diverse Tech 40 Under 40. icardo has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in Politics from NYU. Ricardo is an Aspen Institute Tech Fellow, a Consortium Fellow, a Management Leaders for Tomorrow (MLT) Fellow, and a Council of Urban Professionals Fellow.

Guest Co-Hosts


Blake Sholl.jpeg

Blake Scholl

Founder & CEO, Boom Supersonic

$194M Raised

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Rachel TenBrik.jpeg

Rachel ten Brink

Founder & CEO, Scentbird

$29M Raised

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Geroge Deglin.png

George Deglin

Founder & CEO, One Signal

$34M Raised

  • LinkedIn
Sid Viswanathan True Pill.jpeg

Sid Viswanathan

Founder & President, TruePill

$113M raised

  • LinkedIn
Alice Nawfal.jpeg

Alice Nawfal

Co-Founder & COO, Notabene

$2.4M raised

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Julia Zheng.jpg

Julia Zheng

Founder & CEO, Dyneti Technologies

$2.3M Raised

  • LinkedIn
Daniel Kivantos.jpeg

Daniel Kivatinos

Founder & CEO, DrChrono

$48.7M raised

  • LinkedIn
Natasha Baker.jpeg

Natasha Baker

Co-Founder & CEO, SnapEDA

  • LinkedIn
Stephan Ilyin.jpeg

Stephan Ilyin

Founder & CEO, Wallarm

$10.8M Raised

  • LinkedIn
Cecilia Corral CareMessage YC Alumni.jpe

Cecilia Corral

Co-Founder, CareMessage

$19.4M raised

  • LinkedIn
John Waldes YCombinator Lucira

John Waldeisen

Founder, Lucira Health

$120M Raised & IPO - NASDAQ: LHDX

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Liana Herrera Bottomless.jpeg

Liana Herrera

Co-Founder, Bottomless

$6.9M Raised

  • LinkedIn
Jenna Hua.jpeg

Jenna Hua

Co-Founder, Million Marker

  • LinkedIn
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