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Event Information & Etiquette

In order to maximize the experience, please make sure you do the following.

1. Join the Zoom - link & password will be sent your email (associated with your MeetUp account) the day before and the day of the event.

2. Have your camera ON at all times (no eating, no walking around, no multitasking, etc).

3. Make sure you are muted when someone else is talking, unless you are reacting to the conversation (laughs, responding, answering, etc.). #ZoomHack: While muted hold the spacebar to temporarilly unmute yourself to react. 

4. Enter your name on Zoom in the following format: First Name - Company Name - Sector (ex: Ricardo - ILUMA - AI)

5. If you have questions for the special guest, please submit them directly to the host through the chat and we will call on you so you can ask yourself. 

6. Please limit yourself to one question to give others the opportunity to participate. Please make sure your question is one that all attendees can learn from. Refrain from a question that only applies to you and your company.

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