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About the Off-The-Record Series

About the get-togther

The YCombinator Alumni group ($600B in valuations) hosts a monthly virtual series where we invite the most impressive tech founders in the world to join us as special guests.

Following the Y Combinator dinner tradition, this is a completely off-the-record conversation and is designed as a Zoom call, not a webinar.

It’s carried out as a fireside chat for 30 minutes plus a 20 minute Q&A.
Sample questions for the fireside chat.



The typical attendee is a venture-backed early stage YC founder ($1M - $400M raised).

30% of the attendees are women founders.

Sample Questions

Sampe Questons
  1. Could you take us back to your early upbringing, and what initially attracted you to the tech/founder world?

  2. If you were to break down the success of your company into a couple of important moments/milestones, what would those be?

  3. I’m sure you have a big notebook of “lessons learned & pitfalls to avoid”. What were a couple of mistakes that you were able to avoid this time around  ?

  4. What keeps you at night now vs. when you started your first business?

  5. Was there an aha! moment before building your company? Were there product pivots?

  6. Do you feel you need to have relevant experience to launch a successful business in a specific industry?

  7. Can you share with us one of your bigger obstacles/challenges during the early years of the company?

  8. What have you enjoyed the most about being a founder? The least? 

  9. Can you give us a sense of what your life will look like 20 years from now? Are there overarching goals you want to accomplish?

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